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Delay in Providing Decision

Early Resolution | 04 March 2020
Labour Appeals Tribunal (LAT)

The complainant filed a complaint against the Labour Tribunal (LT) after its decision on his hearing was 56 days past the due date.

The complainant received a letter from his boss in July 2019 informing him that his work permit was due to expire that month and that it would not be renewed. He disputed this because his work permit was not due to expire until October 2020, as per the stamp in his passport. He argued that his job had been terminated and that he was therefore entitled to severance pay.

We sent an email to the Department’s internal complaint procedures (ICP) manager seeking an early resolution and requested a response within 14 days. The ICP manager responded within this timeframe notifying us that the complainant had been provided with the LAT’s decision. The decision supported the complainant, who received $9,600 in severance pay.